This page contains spoilers for the "Life will come, and it will leave" story


Andrew Connor is the son of Isis and the Grandson Osiris, his twin sister is Amy Connor.


He has pitch black hair and navy blue eyes (Identical to his sister). He is quite muscular and has white skin. He usally wears: dark blue jeans; a dark green top and a navy blue hoody.


Andrew is kind natured but can be angered quickly, plus he is extremely clever.


He is a good fighter, he is adept at: Thought magic, Hieroglyphic Spells, Elemental Magic, Duat Usage and mystioinesis.

He has the blood of the pharaohs in his veins.

Unknow Abilities:

Shadow travel, Thanatoskinesis (Necromancy and vitakinesis).


Abyss (A Divine Steel Khopesh);

Staff (A wooden staff caved with Hieroglyphics which amplifys Andrews power);

Schism (A Thoth silver rod - about 1 meter long an 1cm in diameter).


Andrew was found on the door-step of a orphanage in southern England. When he was 14 the orthanage was atacked by monsters and from there he had to make his own path.