JJ Kane


JJ Kane is the daughter of Zia and Carter Kane.


JJ has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She is about 5'4 tall and weighs 98 pounds. She usually wears casual clothes, made of linen, and sneakers. She has many scraps and bruises, from doin daring things. She is described as pretty, and a few boys at Brooklyn House have crushes on here.


JJ was born on August 23, 1997. She grew up in NYC, at the Brooklyn House with her parents. When she was five, she started learning her powers and became a scribe for the Brooklyn House. JJ got her first staff and wand at age 10, but prefered to use her kopesh, a gift from her father. She met Kufu Jr, the son of Kufu the baboon, when she was 4, and they instantly became friends. They do everything together, most of the time getting hurt in the process. They say the greatest thing they ever did was sledding off the roof of Brooklyn House.


JJ has a fun, daring personality. She is pretty much always happy, and she doesn't care what it is, she wants to do it.


Carter Kane: JJ loves her father, and he loves her.

Zia (maiden name Rashid) Kane: JJ loves her mother very much, and Zia will do anything for her daughter.

Kufu Jr.: JJ is Kufu's best friend, and they do everything together.

Sadie Kane: JJ loves her aunt, and Sadie does some of the stunts that JJ does with her.

Bast: JJ is a good friend of Bast, and Bast treats JJ like she was one of her kittens.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Khopesh- JJ uses a khopesh, a curved sword. it was a gift from her father.

JJ's Khopesh

JJ's khopesh

magic- JJ has amgical powers, and she follows the path of Horus. She can summon a hawk avatar and can do basic spells.

Animal Speech- for some reason, animals can understand what JJ says, and she can understand them.