Chapter 1 - Bad beginningsEdit

Andrew sat in the shade of the large oak tree to avoid the glaring rays of the summer sun. He also sat in this particular spot to get some privacy from the other children in the orphanage. Andrew was reading a book entitled: “Egyptology - a guide to the myths and legends of ancient Egypt”. He liked books on ancient Egypt because he felt a connection to them - but he had no idea why. As he read the book in the shade avoiding the rays of the sun and the peering eyes of the other children he heard a sound. Andrew walked out of the shade and saw Joseph Lambda - another boy who seemed quiet was always lonely pointing out with wide eyes at someone. Only the someone was more of a something. It was a man with tanned skin from the neck down, but his head was not at all normal (If you can call anything normal) since it was not a human’s head that sat upon the neck of the man but rather a bull’s. Andrew did not scream like the other boys but instead walked towards the man and muttered: “Ha-di...” There was an explosion and the man flew back wards 5 meters. The man did not get up or even twitch. The was a disastrous roar - the consequences were as disastrous as the roar itself (A.K.A. horrific). An army of monsters came marching at them, children ran and there was just a few words that I could have chosen and here are 4 of them: It was absolute Chaos. 6 one eyed men ran at Andrew and he shouted: “Hi-wi!” and flicked his hand upwards. The result from this was the men flew backwards. A six armed giant rushed at him but all he had to say was: “A’max” and they went up in flames. Andrew turned to see a woman with a red eyes, fangs rushing, one donkey leg and one bronze leg moving towards him. She was wielding a bronze short sword, but never the less Andrew rushed at her skidding in a 90º turn and reaching out and clasping into nothingness. Except it was no longer nothingness but a shining steel Khopesh (A type of ancient Egyptian sword). He swung the Khopesh into the temple of the woman shattering her into millions of pieces - like she had been made of glass.


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