These are the types of magical metal most commanly used by Egyptian demigods.

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Aten Gold

Aten Gold burns its victims - seting them alight.

Divine Steel

Divine steel is the most powerful metal - shattering the victim of the blow into millions of pieces - like they had been made of glass.

Thoth Silver

Thoth silver sucks opponents into nothingness.

Ma'at bronze

Ma'at bronze sends its foes to the underworld in an instant leaving nothing behind but a blur of blue light.

Corrupt metals:

Set's Iron

Set's Iron absorbs enemys souls leaving an empty casing.

Isfet Copper

Isfet copper is extremely painful, it does not kill but paralyses, it leaves the victim conscious. The end result of a blow from this metal is that the victim can not be saved by any means possible. They cannot die of anything, they will hear, taste, smell, feel and see but cannot move. They will feel the pain of death for an eternity