Son of Horus, God of Pharohs and Lord of the Sky.

Malik Rashid


He has no memory of his mother or his father, all he remebers is waking up one moment in an alleyway in New York, a Khopesh in his right hand and a wand in his left.

He was found by a magician after he faced a giant scorpion on top of the Empire State Building and took him to the House of Life.

He met his father in the Duat when he was dreaming, that night, knowing that if he were to stay longer he would be murdered by the House of Life, he left the House of Life and ran for his life to safety.


He has scruffy, blonde hair and sky blue eyes and a handsome face, most people are surprised because his name is a bit differance to his appearance, him having an american accent and pale white skin.

He wears a grey jacket with a skull on it and jeans.


He mainly uses his Khopesh (An steel egyptian sword), his wand and a Crystal Staff.

He keeps a magic kit in his rucksack.


  • He specializes in Combat Magic.
  • He is quite athletic and likes to have the occasional run
  • For some unknown reason he is gifted in the use of spells even without his wand, even though only Children of Isis can do this.