Hieroglyphic Spells:Edit

Children of Isis can use hieroglyphic spells by speaking or thinking (Although this second one takes alot of practice).



"Ha-di" "Destroy" A spell that breaks and shatters objects and sometimes can cause explosions.


A spell with various capabilities, it can be summarized as stopping movement.


A spell that causes a concussive force.


A spell that mends things, or joins things for sympathetic magic.


A spell used in summonings.

"Be at peace"

A spell that calms things.


A spell that causes the enemy to lose all accuracy and become incapable of hitting its target.[2].


A spell that makes fire.


Protects the user.

"Turn back"

The target it is used on flies away from you as if hooked by a frieght train.


Summons a cloud around the caster that makes them invisible.


A spell that opens doors, portals, and passageways.


A spell that unlocks doors and passageways.
"Heqat" Summons a staff.


A spell that will cause even a small bit of twine to wrap up an opponent. Also may disable magic.